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 The Game Itself

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PostSubject: The Game Itself   The Game Itself EmptyWed Jun 03, 2015 2:19 pm

WEALTH: 87550-26250-37450-48600-5500-45280-98900-23280-17610 (390420)
DIPLOMATIC POINTS: 511 (-100) 411
TECHNOLOGIES: 33advances, not counting my four starting techs. My freebie tech was stone and wood carving for art purposes.
RESOURCES: Deer, sheet-like rock, some grains, fruit, fish, and leafy greens, reeds, flint, clay, and trees.


Year 0: My small tribe arrives after untold years of wandering in the grasslands and jungles of this land at a small isthmus where there is are rocky outcrops along the cost where shelters can be easily set up, given the large amount of sheet-like grey rocks and clay in the area. Packed earth walls built around the alcoves with deer hides hung from tree branches and covering branches over the top keep out weather. Children are born. Several grasses with pleasant to eat grains, a cherry-like tree, and several kinds of fish with pleasant meat are discovered nearby, as is are leafy greens similar to kale and bok-choy. A tribe on a nearby island is observed using flat, carved out pieces of wood to go around on the water. One day, several of the tribesmen go out and steal some of these floating things, and fight some of the opposing tribe's number, and are able to win and get away with several of the shaped wooden boards. (-100 Diplomatic points). Language starts developing this year, (first tech point), and sparks from making stone tools with flint set fire to a roof (second tech point). Some of the ash lands on nearby roves and one of the rainstorms common to the area comes through, and much of the fur on the skin comes off. The hides have also seemed to change somewhat where they were in contact with the tree branches for the longest periods of time. Nothing is done about that though (third). Language develops as people try to communicate events and possibilities to each other. The family groups begin calling themselves Sangui, or Families/Bloods. (fourth tech point). The flat wooden boards make excellent platforms, but when people fall off they often lose the fish they were trying to catch. New ones are carved out by a couple of the more skilled wood carvers with deeper hollows to help people stay in their new "lonegi", or boats, longer (fifth tech point). Rawhide is first made by using wood ash and water to remove fur and bits of flesh and bone from deerskins. (sixth tech point).

Years 1-8Not much happens in these years. Population grows and a second settlement on the south side of the isthmus is made. They discover how to make tea from some herbs by heating up small rocks and dropping them into pits of water with bits of herb and fruit in them. Boiled meat and vegetable stews are made this way. (three tech points). Leather is first made this way as well, by boiling pieces of wood with rawhide. Better stone tools are made, and reeds are used to make baskets. Wet clay is layered on the outside of some baskets and they are dried in the sun, and used to carry water from nearby brooks and streams to boiling pits. (Three tech points). Several herbs are discovered to help with illnesses, and some individuals begin actively looking for and cultivating these plants. Others begin doing the same with food plants (three tech points.) Deer are herded into alcoves and kept there for later slaughtering. (tech point). Walls are covered with clay and smalls stones to strengthen and protect them from weather. Leather pieces are stretched across wooden frames tied together with hide or leather thongs and used to make better doors. Fences made from woven branches are made to keep animals out of gardens, and to make it easier to keep deer in their alcoves. (three tech points). Other advances include primitive pottery, using pictograms to record events, counting to five using the fingers of a hand, nets made from a vine found in the jungle, and making an oatmeal-like gruel from several of our local grains that is absolutely delicious when mixed with fruit and bits of boiled meat. (5 tech points).

Year 9 A raid from the island which we stole boats from comes. We manage to beat them back, despite several injuries. (-2000 wealth and -40 diplomatic points). The Sangui go to the civ which is licking its wounds and offer them a large amount of hides and stone tools in order to get peace with them. (-150000 wealth, + 1500 diplomatic points, then -1500 diplomatic points).
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PostSubject: Re: The Game Itself   The Game Itself EmptyWed Jun 03, 2015 3:55 pm

Civ Name: Pentatribe
Color: Purple
Current Year: 9
Population: 611
Wealth: 455.043
Diplomatic Points: 560
tech points saved 15
Resources Discovered/Exploited: Apples, Acorns, beavers, potatoes, tree sap, fish, whales.
Starting tech Advances: Language
Tech Advances:  Fire, catamarans/canoes, throwing spears, advanced tool making, sheep herding, clay bowls and jars.
Synopsis of the years:
The tribe split for the summer. One stays at the meeting place, One goes East, One goes North along the coast, one west and the other south along the coast. They hunt and forage fruit, nuts, seeds, tumors and roots as they make their way as far as they can go. They advance in tools and hunting and fishing. and begin to herd sheep, as well as shear them.

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The Game Itself
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